Electropneumatic S.A. was established in 1983 by Mr. Michaloutsos Nicholaos in Piraeus, Greece. Through years the company was passed down to Mr. Skafidas Konstantinos who remains the CEO to this day.

The initial scope was to provide 24/7 service and troubleshooting on vessel control systems and their instrumentation but soon the high quality of services led to the growth of business and its portfolio.
Today, Electropneumatic has a sought presence in the Marine Industry and Oil & Gas with more than 70 people as permanent personnel. Skilled technicians, control systems engineers and high level software developers all under the ISO 9001:2015 by ABS Quality Evaluations for the design, construction, repair, sale and installation of electrical/pneumatic equipment & design, development and installation of software for marine electrical and automation systems.

Electropneumatic S.A. is horizontally divided into four departments:


R&D – Research and Development Dpt

The R&D Department is manned by engineers and developers of academic education as a minimum so they are in position to propose solutions for any special situation or requirement. They can develop a complete control system from scratch to final implementation and Class approval.

Technical Dpt

The Technical Department is manned by highly qualified and experienced team of technicians and engineers. Our client can rely on their expertise for the repair of any electronic, pneumatic or electrical system, 24/7 worldwide.

Commercial Dpt

The Commercial Department is responsible for the smooth operation of the company’s supplies and sales. Staffed by experienced professionals in combination with agreements with recognized suppliers. The supply department guarantees the immediate supply of spares & tools for all projects, while the sales department is able to solve the most difficult customer requests.

Administration Dpt

The backbone of Electropneumatic. Quality assurance and coordinates all internal procedures, ISO compliance and the optimum outcome of service for every incoming requisition.